Posted 3 months ago

Happy anniversary, Earthcaching!

On this day 10 years ago, the first Earthcache was published, in Australia.

Are you doing anything to commemorate the day? Look at your local map - there may be a special Event cache being held nearby. Make it a point to attend!

Personally, I put together my first Earthcache and had it published this morning. :)

Find out more about this date at the geocaching blog.

You know why Earthcaching can be so cool?  Here’s a great example (one I’ve yet been unable to visit - and really want to!):

The “Eternal Flame Falls” is an Earthcache you can visit - GC10VMY.

Posted 4 months ago

Thank you.

A little reflection on this past weekend. Crossed into my 36th year, and had a lot of time spent with friends, including some light-hearted caching along the way :)

Friends. That’s what it’s about.


Thank you.
To all those who made this past weekend a wonderfully memorable experience, my heartfelt thanks.

This year has been a roller coaster of an emotional year, with struggles, loss, stress, worries, humility, confusion. I’ve learned much, through experiences, discoveries, mistakes; about friends and family, loving and caring.  When I say it’s been a life-changing year, I mean it sincerely. Things change, and we often don’t notice those changes because they happen slowly as we grow. But then sometimes life might throw you a speed ball, and your only choice is to adjust your stance and swing away.


Posted 4 months ago

Ever seen one of these before? Arcade-cache! Feature as a recent geocaching of the week.

Around here, it’s hard to believe a cache like that would last too long… =/

Posted 4 months ago

When is it not a bomb? When it’s a geocache!

Someone has taken it upon themselves to keep a bookmark list of all caches associated with bomb reports. “Fun” read :P

Posted 5 months ago

In memory of geocaching challenges… one day I had this idea - partly due to experimenting with an iPhone app that does track logs, and partly because PHOON! - Would it be possible to draw a phoon with a GPS? Would it be accurate enough to be recognizable?

I tried… and it worked! The next day, I had a new geocaching challenge posted to take your gps and draw your best phoon in the nearby field. I thought it was a fun and unique little task :) 4 people managed to log it before Geocaching Challenges were completely retired from

Well it was fun while it lasted.

Posted 5 months ago

Congratulations to astronaut Rick Mastracchio!

The ISS geocache has finally been officially logged as found, after 5 years!

And the special travelbug TB5JJN1 is still on its 6 month mission with Rick, to return with him next year :). Awesome!


Posted 5 months ago

In memory of geocaching challenges - take a photo of yourself shaving your hair at the Sheave Tower in Cambridge… I haven’t been without facial hair since it started growing in.

I may have snipped one or two hairs just for the photo :P

Posted 5 months ago

In memory of geocaching challenges… The first time I went sailing with a friend out of Wiarton, Ontario, part of our mission was to round Griffith Island and spot the Griffith Island Lighthouse. While I had an amazing time, I thought it would make a very neat ‘challenge’ - having done some research about the lighthouse and the full series of Imperial Towers, of which only 6 of the initially planned 11 were constructed in 1859 - to take a photo of yourself with the lighthouse in the background.

I created a challenge listing for each of the 6 lighthouses along the shorelines of Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay, with a little bit of educational history (only that which would fit into the limited text provision for a challenge description).

A couple of the challenges were doable by land, so were completed by a couple of people, but I generally figured they’d be rarely logged :) Nonetheless, I’d hoped that the experience people had in attempting to complete the challenges would be as memorable and rewarding as mine was with the Griffith Island Lighthouse.

This photo was during my 366 day ironman challenge. And so, there was of course the obligatory PHOON!

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In memory of geocaching challenges - One time I was in Toronto, I made a concerted effort to complete a challenge wherein you had to draw the Royal Ontario Museum and photograph yourself with it at the posted coordinates. I had my backup camera at the time, and had located a decent drawing app, clumsily setting out to sketch up the ‘money shot’ angle of the ROM.

Had some fun with it as you can see :)

I may be among the minority, but I sort of miss geocaching challenges…

Posted 5 months ago

Heeeey little buddy! Don’t mind us, we’re just foraging for a hidden cache in your area…

Posted 5 months ago

Talk about attention to detail! Extravagant work, super creative. Can you guess what the puzzle is? :)

Posted 5 months ago

FTF’d the series finale at BFL Boot Camp 8 - Illumin8! At 6am on the dot. Great all-night night caching :D