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Writing challenge!

I recently began a daily writing challenge — not specifically geocaching related, but there will be a couple of days where I write about geocaching topics.

Such as this one, Day 6 - wherein I write something inspired by a past photo-per-day entry; one I took during my one year daily geocaching challenge from 2011-12.

Check it out!

Part of a writing exercise series I’m calling “Sandcastles”.

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Still alive!

Hello all, just a quick note to let you know I am still here! It has been a very very busy summer and year, but geocaching just keeps going and going… I’m now over 6000 finds and growing. Mainly thanks to the ET Trail in Nevada I completed with 3 other friends earlier this year :)

I will be getting back to updating this blog more often, so thanks everyone for following!

And with that, I leave you with my phoony Ice Bucket challenge I completed recently! :)

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Seeking your support for this fundraiser! Please read, and consider donating:

On June 14, 2014, the ALS Society of Canada is holding another Walk For ALS fundraiser… and this year I’ve felt led to participate.


ALS was the affliction that rapidly crippled my mother over the course of a year before her passing in 2012. She was diagnosed unexpectedly with Lou Gherig’s disease, after a fall at her home that broke her wrists and sent her to the hospital. The gruelling year that followed was long, difficult, and painful.

imageHer condition slowly deteriorated over the months that followed, slowly, as she lost physical abilities that we all take for granted, even as her mind remained clear and sober - her body simply shut down, bit by bit.

My father was at her side throughout the ordeal, but with myself and brother living distant from them, we used whatever opportunity we had to visit. It was not easy in the slightest. But she was surrounded by love and supported by friends and selflessly caring individuals.

Seeing what ALS can do to a loved one first hand - and in such a short period of time - is something you can never forget. I remember the questions and medical uncertainties surrounding the cause and treatments that would become her life for the next year. But her determination and strength was apparent throughout the ordeal right to the very end; her faith and spirit never wavering. She became my inspiration, both for personal strength and for my own faith, for not giving up, for standing up and persevering against all odds… and towards finding a way to spread her story.

The Walk

You can pledge your support via this link. Please find the “Sponsor Me” button, and follow the instructions for secure online donation.
Thank you, thank you!

This condition is debilitating and takes an enormous emotional toll on the victim, and friends and family. And for that reason I’ve decided to take up the Walk this year, and try to do some part, however small it may be, in raising awareness and funding for equipment, support services, education for the ALS Community, and for ongoing research towards a cure.

If as you’re reading this you feel led to support and sponsor me, first you have my undying gratitude for listening and even considering! Even if you’re willing and able to donate $5, $10, $15, or whatever amount you feel comfortable with, any donation is helpful and beneficial towards the cause, and I’d be sincerely grateful.

Please, support my walk!
You can pledge support online or by phone - more details and a donation submission form are available on my WalkForALS profile.
(and by all means contact me if you have any questions!)

My current fund raising goal is $300, but I would absolutely love to boost that up a notch any time the amount is exceeded! How awesome that would be :)

Personally, I have never done a fundraiser like this before. It is a solid first for me. So I’d also ask, that if person you choose not to sponsor me, please, please take a moment and spread the word, pass the link. Or, find someone else you know who may also be doing the walk - it’s Canada-wide - and support them.


If you wish, please peruse this website as well - it was set up as a means for me to share in my own exploration of my family history, inspired by my sister’s life and influence on those around her. Caroline lived a short life, dying a year before my birth, having lived in a form of bodily prison herself, struggling due to complications from birth. My mother loved her dearly, and had hoped to publish Caroline’s short biography before she’d passed, as a simple encouragement to those who read. And so, I set up this blog and website as a way for me to document and share my journey through her story, Finding Caroline.

Still Chasing The Ironman
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Happy Mothers’ Day,
To a mother who never gave up,
And who Chased her Ironman to the very end.

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Happy anniversary, Earthcaching!

On this day 10 years ago, the first Earthcache was published, in Australia.

Are you doing anything to commemorate the day? Look at your local map - there may be a special Event cache being held nearby. Make it a point to attend!

Personally, I put together my first Earthcache and had it published this morning. :)

Find out more about this date at the geocaching blog.

You know why Earthcaching can be so cool?  Here’s a great example (one I’ve yet been unable to visit - and really want to!):

The “Eternal Flame Falls” is an Earthcache you can visit - GC10VMY.

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Thank you.

A little reflection on this past weekend. Crossed into my 36th year, and had a lot of time spent with friends, including some light-hearted caching along the way :)

Friends. That’s what it’s about.


Thank you.
To all those who made this past weekend a wonderfully memorable experience, my heartfelt thanks.

This year has been a roller coaster of an emotional year, with struggles, loss, stress, worries, humility, confusion. I’ve learned much, through experiences, discoveries, mistakes; about friends and family, loving and caring.  When I say it’s been a life-changing year, I mean it sincerely. Things change, and we often don’t notice those changes because they happen slowly as we grow. But then sometimes life might throw you a speed ball, and your only choice is to adjust your stance and swing away.


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Ever seen one of these before? Arcade-cache! Feature as a recent geocaching of the week.

Around here, it’s hard to believe a cache like that would last too long… =/

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When is it not a bomb? When it’s a geocache!

Someone has taken it upon themselves to keep a bookmark list of all caches associated with bomb reports. “Fun” read :P

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In memory of geocaching challenges… one day I had this idea - partly due to experimenting with an iPhone app that does track logs, and partly because PHOON! - Would it be possible to draw a phoon with a GPS? Would it be accurate enough to be recognizable?

I tried… and it worked! The next day, I had a new geocaching challenge posted to take your gps and draw your best phoon in the nearby field. I thought it was a fun and unique little task :) 4 people managed to log it before Geocaching Challenges were completely retired from

Well it was fun while it lasted.

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Congratulations to astronaut Rick Mastracchio!

The ISS geocache has finally been officially logged as found, after 5 years!

And the special travelbug TB5JJN1 is still on its 6 month mission with Rick, to return with him next year :). Awesome!


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In memory of geocaching challenges - take a photo of yourself shaving your hair at the Sheave Tower in Cambridge… I haven’t been without facial hair since it started growing in.

I may have snipped one or two hairs just for the photo :P

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In memory of geocaching challenges… The first time I went sailing with a friend out of Wiarton, Ontario, part of our mission was to round Griffith Island and spot the Griffith Island Lighthouse. While I had an amazing time, I thought it would make a very neat ‘challenge’ - having done some research about the lighthouse and the full series of Imperial Towers, of which only 6 of the initially planned 11 were constructed in 1859 - to take a photo of yourself with the lighthouse in the background.

I created a challenge listing for each of the 6 lighthouses along the shorelines of Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay, with a little bit of educational history (only that which would fit into the limited text provision for a challenge description).

A couple of the challenges were doable by land, so were completed by a couple of people, but I generally figured they’d be rarely logged :) Nonetheless, I’d hoped that the experience people had in attempting to complete the challenges would be as memorable and rewarding as mine was with the Griffith Island Lighthouse.

This photo was during my 366 day ironman challenge. And so, there was of course the obligatory PHOON!